Gluten-Free Guidebook’s Reader Report Contest

One of my favorite things about writing the Gluten-Free Guidebook is hearing from readers. I love it when you share your thoughts and opinions with me (as you did, most recently, on the issue of the celiac pill that is currently in medical trials), and when you take the time to write about a restaurant that serves great gluten-free meals. A few readers have contributed complete Reader Reports, in some cases about a trip they’ve taken and in others about their hometown. Either way, the effort and information is very much appreciated — by me, and by many other people.

I’m launching the first-ever Gluten-Free Guidebook Reader Report Contest because I’d like to hear from more of you. The rules are simple: write a Reader Report about gluten-free restaurants and shops in the place where you live, or a place you’ve visited. Each report that you write must be at least 300 words, and each one you write will get you entered into a random draw for a guidebook giveaway: the winner will receive a copy of my Frommer’s Toronto 2010 and Frommer’s Canada. There’s no limit to the number of Reader Reports you can write: if you send one, you’ll be entered in the drawing once, if you send five reports you’ll be entered five times.

For examples of great Reader Reports that have run in the past, take a look at these examples: Buenos Aires, Amman, Hawaii, and Las Vegas. There’s a range of styles, and there’s no one right way to do it. Remember, any information you share is going to be valuable to other gluten-intolerant people.

By entering this contest, you automatically give me the right to publish your Reader Report on the Gluten-Free Guidebook, and to edit it as necessary for clarity and length; however, I am under no obligation to publish it. Your entry must be your own original work and cannot infringe on anyone’s copyright. You hold the copyright to your own material and can publish it elsewhere, in print or online. Entrants need to send me their full names and their mailing addresses (the mailing address is only for the prize draw; the information will be kept strictly confidential). Please let me know if you would like only your first name to be published with your Reader Report; if you do not specify this, your first and last name will be used.

The deadline for entries is June 7, June 30, 2010. Entries must be e-mailed to glutenfreeguidebook [at] gmail [dot] com; please put “Reader Report Contest” in the subject. This contest is open to readers around the world, except where prohibited by law. I look forward to reading your Reader Reports!

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Speaking of contests, voting is open for the Spinetingler Awards until April 30th. My short story “Insatiable” is a finalist for a Best Short Story Award. Please visit the site, look at the contenders, and vote for your favorite story using this online ballot.

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