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One of the most amazing things about creating the Gluten-Free Guidebook is that it’s introduced me to so many terrific people. A case in point: my friend Liisa P., a reader who lives in Arizona. I had the great pleasure of meeting her in person for the first time when I was on tour for my debut novel, The Damage Done, and I’ve been lucky enough to see her on each book tour since (my fourth novel, Blood Always Tells, came out in April). Liisa has written a Reader Report about Hawaii for the Gluten-Free Guidebook in the past. Here, she shares her experience in St. Maarten. Thanks so much, Liisa!


We all know that eating Gluten Free can be hard and no one wants to be limited while travelling. So that’s why we share and connect in a network of bloggers, readers, and travelers to make it easier! I’ve been gluten free for 10 years and am lovin’ it!

972898_10152239155959279_1301815938_nDutch St. Maarten is more Americanized and friendly (imho) than the French side (Sint Martin) so you’re going to have more luck there. My advice… stay somewhere with a kitchen. We stayed at the beautiful Divi Little Bay Resort. Full kitchen. Go to the grocery store and to cut down on your meals out. Grocery stores have mostly the same food we do… just less of it. It’s not a gigantic Costco… it’s a regular grocery store.

The *BEST* place to eat on the island for gluten free, hands down, is Pizza Galley. They offer gluten-free crusts and a harbor view. Hard to beat! They don’t open till dusk and are open seasonally but have great pizza options (try the Jamaican).

Everywhere else on the Dutch side tried to be accommodating and salads ended up being the name of the day.  The French side… 10313936_10152239155909279_1587506073_nfuhget about… the one bright spot would be the small family restaurants, harbor side, in Marigot such as Le Chanteclair in the SXM Marine.  These provided knowledgeable and accommodating staff.

I never went hungry and never needed my emergency protein bar. Safe and happy travels!

All photos courtesy of Liisa P. She is pictured at the top (second from the right) with friends at the Pizza Galley.

One thought on “Reader Report: Gluten-Free in St. Maarten

  1. I did a bunch of research too. I haven’t been there yet. Here is a list of what I found.
    I am going to St. Martin soon. I did a bunch of research. I copied parts of people’s comments. I created a map too, that’s why there are letters before each restaurant.
    French Side
    H – L’Estaminet, Grand Case, Boulevard de France, 97150 Saint Martin, France – French dishes, they identify gluten free on the menu
    % – Spinnaker – French & Thai Food Many GF dishes
    F – Le Chanteclair in the SXM Marine. – Knowledable staff
    6 – Le Galion – $$ – Restaurant, 6 Rue du President Kennedy Marina Royale – “owner was very kind and accommodating by customizing meal”
    8 – L’Escapade – $$$ – understood gluten free
    X- Le Tastevin – 86 Boulevard de Grand Case, Grand Case 97150,”even tried making GF dessert”
    G – Piazza Pascal $$ -– gf pasta available – 101 Boulevard de Grand Case, Grand Case, Saint Martin phone 05 90 87 39 21
    I – Ocean 82 – 82 Bld de Grand-Case – 97150 Saint Martin FWI, Phone: +590 590 529 812 or +590 690 350 998 Has a gluten free menu. Looks kind of expensive.
    N L’Auberge Gourmande – Provided GF options and had hot gluten free bread
    R – La Pressoir – $$$$– Attentive and had gf dinner rolls
    L – Spiga Restaurant – $$$$ – Lots of gf

    Z –Le Ti Bouchon – $$$$ – Most menu options can be GF. 3 recommendations
    T – Jam Rock Restaurant – $$ – 97 Rue de Cul de Sac, Cul de Sac 97150, Catered to GF needs
    # – Coco Beach Bar – Orient Beach, Orient Bay 97150 – Gluten free options. Sauce was awesome
    4 – Palm Beach – Orient Bay, Orient Bay 97150, – her meal was gf and dairy free
    Y – La Table d’Antoine – even serve gluten free dishes
    Dutch side
    ! – Ernest & Fidel Café – $$ – Gluten free selections
    ^ – Byblos Lounge SXM – Labanese, Mediterranean. Knowledgeable staff
    W – Moulin Fou – Maho Plaza, Maho – Menu states GF! Eat just about anything on the menu
    3 – Top Carrot – $$ – Lots of GF options even some gf baked goods.
    P The Palms Restaurant – Best steak on the island (looks affordable)
    U Vesna Taverna – $$ – Simpson Bay – Understood and able to make GF meal
    O Al Pasha – $$ -15 Airport Road Simpson Bay, Simpson Bay sxm, Careful and tasty GF lunch
    A – Pizza Galley – $$ – (721) 587-1330. Welfare Rd, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten – Gluten free pizza
    2 – Lee’s Roadside Grill – GF delivered with care.
    M – Avantikia – Thai Food, “was excited to see all of the gluten-free options”
    & – Tutta Pasta – Make special dish. This year had GF pasta.
    B – $$ – Crave Taste Haven Simpson Bay Server 721-586-0467 “knowledgable. food was great!”
    C- Izi Risorante Italiano – Welfare Rd., Simpson Bay, St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies, 1-721-544-3079 – Gluten free pasta
    1 – Pineapple Pete – Simpson Bay East, Simpson Bay – Have a gluten free menu and gluten free pasta
    5 – Caribbean Blend – “food is fantastic, a bonus for me as I am gluten free”
    V – Burger Madness – 101 Front Street, Philipsburg, without the bun they are gluten free
    S Lazy Lizard – $$ – Cooked in separate pan, long list of options, Wings GF, affordable
    7 Gusto – $$ – Gluten free menu
    E – Kokomo Yes we can arrange a gluten free Menu,
    9 – Au Petit Café – 120 Old Street, Philipsburg, , GF Crepes I think
    @ – Antoine by the Sea – Waiter Made sure meal was GF

    J – Canoa – We had several people at our restaurant with a gluten free diet and we adjust our menu, where possible, to your needs.
    Q – Mr Brusbys Beach Bar – $$ – has gf pasta but very limited.
    K – Big Fish – $$ – Chef will prepare a list of GF items. GF cake available

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